I have been interested in nature photography for nearly 30 years, and have dabbled at various points in my life.
It was the advent of digital SLR's, allowing me to produce the sort of images I wanted at a reasonable cost, that really got me gripped in a big way.

I have always been fascinated by the extraordinary beauty and incredible complexity of the natural world. It is a treat to be able to capture the intricate details of nature, and those fleeting moments that cannot be seen properly with the naked eye.

I hope that by showing here just a small sample of nature's magnificent wonders, I can encourage more people to take a real interest in the natural world.
When people know what they have to lose, perhaps they might try and look after it a bit more.

For the technoweenies, I use Canon equipment, currently a 5D and 40D, and my main lenses are a 600mm f4L IS, 300mm f2.8L IS, and 100mm Macro.